Silver Spring, Maryland

"Z.Z. Ludwick has a fine selection of finely crafted instruments.  His knowledge, sound enhancements and set up  of his instruments are of the finest skill and craftsmanship.  He has apprenticed with DC's finest Luthiers.  I highly recommend you consider a fine violin or viola and cello from this source.  I hear his work on a regular basis and am impressed!"

                                                                      Bruno Nasta

                                        String Educater, Professional Musician

ViolinViola Cello Sales & Repairs in Maryland

"Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin."

                     John Lubbock

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 We are offering the 4/4 "Andrei Dinu" Romanian Violin at a special price..only $1,299.00!  This beautiful instrument (which was set up in house) has amazing tone and character!  We use only the finest Rosewood Hardware; Chinrest, Pegs, Endbutton..A matching Wittner Tailpiece with built in fine tuners, A Deluxe Aubert Bridge, and Evah Pirazzi strings! This is a professional Violin at a student price!