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"Z.Z. is a talented, resourceful and competent craftsman.  His ability to accurately diagnose  the underling problems of stringed instruments and deliver affordable and acoustically superior solutions has impressed me. Z.Z. has great passion for his work and goes the extra mile to meet his clients’ highest expectations.  I would recommend him without reservation!"

     Howard Needham   Master Violin Maker

Violin, Viola, Cello Sales & Repairs in Maryland

Ludwick's House of Violin Sales
Maryland Violin / Viola & Cello Sales, Repairs & Restoration

Maryland Violin Sales

A sneak peak at the new shop !

                Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!!

                     Celebrating 3 Amazing Years!!!🎻 🎻🎻

     First of all, many thanks to all our loyal customers and friends for your amazing support! 

                             Again, we couldn't be here without you,   Thank You!!!



Ludwick's House of Violin Sales
Maryland Violin Repair

Silver Spring, Maryland

Maryland Violin Sales and Service


We are now hand Varnishing many of our Violins for sale! We only acquire European Instruments from some of the finest Luthiers from Romania, Germany, Poland, as well as Italy!

Very excited to announce the building of the expanded Shop! Construction should be completed by mid-November!

By popular demand we are now selling Mandolins by special order only!                                    Call Z.Z. for more information.