Ludwick's House of Violin Violin Viola Cello Sales

★★★★"We originally purchased a violin (albeit of a much lower price range) from another reputable Violin house in the area for my son, but were not satisfied with it. My son's violin teacher gave us a list of a few other recommended violin retail places to look at and for whatever reason I immediately selected Ludwick's House off of the list, did my due diligence to see what his reviews were online (all excellent) and then called him to see what he had. Z.Z. is so enthusiastic about what he does that originally he came off sounding salesey. But when we arrived at his house and he showed us the violin, at first glance it was beautiful, wonderfully varnished, with rosewood chin rest and tuning pegs and we could hear the difference in sound quality from the previous one we purchased. Z.Z. gave us great detail about how the violin was made and even showed us his workshop. He gave us a great deal on the violin and a new bow.
We are still waiting for the final verdict from my son's violin teacher to cosign the sound quality (I'll update the review when she does). But as of right now we are really pleased with it. Not to mention, unlike the previous violin my son came home immediately and started playing this one, it actually compelled him to want to practice more and there's no price tag you can put on that!
UPDATE (9/2/18): "My son had his first violin lesson since purchasing his violin from Ludwick's House. She gave the violin a spin and she was amazed at the sound quality the violin had. She said she totally wasn't expecting it to play so well. Our goal was to get our son whose going to the 7th grade a violin that could at least get him through high school, keeping up with his technical development, she assured us that violin could get him through high school and beyond. She also mentioned (similar to Z.Z.) that the sound quality is likely to get better with time as the wood expands because its new. Overall, we are so very satisfied with our purchase and the level of customer service received. We would definitely buy from Ludwick's again."

                                Shanna B.T.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"Z.Z. the luthier is a real treasure. I brought in a cello for a pre-sale checkup. He looked it over very carefully and really made a point of explaining all of his concerns with it to me. We spoke over the phone four times after my in-person visit and during those conversations he patiently advised me on which repairs were most crucial, and which could wait. I am so lucky to have worked with him. If you are looking for repairs, custom made instruments, appraisals, or just a consultation, I must say that this is your guy for the DMV area. The music shops around DC spoke very highly of him. Thank you so much Z.Z.! Until next time."

                               Julian C.     Washington, D.C.

★★★★★ "Ludwick's House Of Violin did a top notch quality Restoration on my very old and cherished violin !!! I couldn't be more satisfied with the craftsmanship and customer service that I experienced at Ludwick's House Of Violin!"

                                              Gary Isom    White Oak, Maryland

★★★★★"When my daughter decided to learn violin, I was pretty sure it was just a passing phase. Once she showed a commitment and love of playing, I asked my mother in England to ship over my grandfather's violin. The instrument had sat for over 50 years behind the couch, untouched. After a few years of playing, we decided it was time to have the violin refurbished. Enter, Z.Z. I can't speak highly enough about him. He was incredibly friendly and helpful, and his knowledge of violins is amazing. The violin needed extensive work, including a new bridge, new tail, new button, new pegs etc, not to mention a thorough cleaning and varnish. Z.Z. did all the work in one day and his charges were reasonable. Many many thanks Z.Z., we are so happy we found you. We look forward to working with you again soon."
                  Rochelle R.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"Ludwicks House Of Violin provides outstanding service. Z.Z is very experienced in repairs and really knows what he is doing. I came in because my soundpost fell down and didnt realize how much can go into a violin to improve the sound. I left with my violin sounding amazing. Z.Z took the time to not only repair my soundpost but check over my instrument and give it a pro set up for the best sound quality. Very fair cost. I'll keep coming back. Z.Z is wonderful! Thanks so much!!!"

                                    Dianna Aud   Burtonsville, MD

★★★★★"All the adjectives in the dictionary would only limit the unparalleled recommendation "Z.Z." Ludwick deserves as a Luthier. There is no instrument repair out there to small or big that Mr. Ludwick can't handle. Z.Z., has been gifted with an astounding intricate and finesse ability to infuse his violins and repair work with overflowing positive energy and master craftsmanship down to the finest details! I drove 4+ hours each way from and to New York today to get to the infamous Ludwicks House Of Violin. The show room and workshop alone will make your day. I got a new violin bridge done on the spot and bought a new heart warming Romanian violin from Mr. Z.Z. Ludwick all while experiencing much of his beautiful radiant soul. Well what are you waiting for!? Ludwicks House Of Violin is a MUST go for everyone in need of a repair or new instrument. Don't even think twice and give Z.Z. the call today!"

                                 Chaim C. Woodmere, NY

★★★★★"Thank you Z.Z. for "emergency room" service for my sons cello.  A replaced broke string and re-formed bridge later we were back in business for a video submission before midnight and a concert tomorrow on a foggy cold rainy late Saturday night!!!!!  Good craftsman reasonable prices nice person!!   Thanks again!!"                 

                                     Lou B.     Fairfax, Virginia

★★★★★"Z.Z. was very friendly and quick! I was in a tight spot as both my A string AND my back up A string broke the day before an important audition. I called him and he said I could come in whenever and he’d replace the string and repair the nut which was the reason my strings kept breaking. He also gave my cello a free polish! I would highly recommend going to him for any repairs!"

                               Linda B.   Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"I brought my violin in to get repaired as well as to buy a new bow, and I'm thrilled with the results. I highly recommend him!"

                                         Megan S.  Washington, D.C.

★★★★★"Couldn’t be any happier. Z.Z. took great care of me. Top notch craftsmanship at a great price."

                            Paraic K., Silver Spring, Maryand

★★★★★ "We brought a long neglected and broken violin to Ludwick's for repair at the suggestion of an acquaintance who recently had repairs done here for his instrument.  It was in terrible shape but my wife really wanted to know if it could be restored for a reasonable cost as the instrument belonged to her late father. Z.Z., of Ludwick's spent two weeks on the restoration with incredible attention to detail.  We returned to him to receive a beautifully restored violin with a rich and lovely sound.  My wife was more than very pleased. He also repairs violas."  

                                                Allen W.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"I had a 20 year old student violin that I wanted to make new again.  Z.Z. was incredible.  He replaced the strings, tailpiece, bridge, nut and noticed that it didn't have a sound post.  He gave me a great price to do all the work and polish up the violin.  He was also able to do everything the same day. He is very knowledgable and friendly.  I definitely recommend anybody go to him for repairs or if you want to buy an instrument."

                                     Kavita V.   Washington, DC

★★★★★"Solid guy-goes the extra mile... Z.Z. is on it from shipping to advice (knowledge of equipment) to follow-up...quality experience. I am a fan and will continue to support Ludwick's House Of Violin whenever I can...and I am a guitarist! Happy to have been introduced...Thanks Z.Z.!"

                            Erik S.      Vero Beach, Florida

★★★★★"Z.Z. was able to shape my neck on one of my instruments and it plays perfectly - A highly recommend Him for all things Violin - His easy going nature and His eagerness to make sure that I was satisfied is a big plus and I highly recommend him !"

                                             John T          Edgewater, Maryland

★★★★★"Ludwick's House of Violin is a first class repair shop. We have contracted Z.Z. to do a lot of our customer and stock repairs, as well as setups on new instruments'. As a band director/strings associate at Foxes Music Company, I highly recommend his work. You will not be disappointed!"

                             Bernard B.    Falls Church, Virginia

★★★★★"Ludwick’s House of Violin is a wonderful place to get all of your string instrument needs. Z.Z. is warm, friendly, and an honest expert in his field. He refurbished a cello for us and it was an outstanding job. I recommend Z.Z. and Ludwick’s House of Violin wholeheartedly!"

                         Aric K.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"I picked up my violin (well, my Grandma's violin) today. Everything looks wonderful, feels better, and the sound is frankly the best it has ever sounded. In all the years I have known this violin, I think it sounds the best now. I played a nice rendition of "Ashokan Farewell" and look forward to jamming often with my children. Thank you from me and and all of my family. My Dad and Aunt also offer their appreciation to you in honoring my Grandma this way."
                      Sheralie B.     Falls Church, Virginia

*****"I sent in firewood and Z.Z. gave me two wonderful violins that I can use for decades."

                                 Deborah G.  Falls Church, Virginia

★★★★★"Ludwick put all of his heart into repairing my late uncle's violin, probably made in Germany in the early 1800's. The violin had several cracks, many separated joints and an unsound soundpost which required complete replacement. He replaced the bridge, repaired the tuning pegs, and re-glued all the joints, reviving this instrument so that present and future members of the family will be able to enjoy it again. Ludwick supplied a new bow, as the old one was beyond repair, a new case, a humidifier, new strings, and a tuner. All of this was done at a very reasonable price. Ludwick brings tremendous enthusiasm and love for the instrument and for his work. The person who will play this instrument will write a future review as she plays the instrument and gets to know it."

                            Jan F.  Chicago Illinois

★★★★★"Z.Z., I want to say thank you for the wonderful job you did with my violin. It almost sounds like a new instrument to me, and you fixed not only the buzz, but my frustration that the upper strings didn't ring the way they should. I'm thrilled with the result! I also appreciate your attention to detail in finding a little crack that I should keep an eye on. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I would be very happy to do so again!"

                             Cait K.     Vienna, VA

★★★★★"Z.Z. transformed my harsh sounding violin into a bright instrument. It's like a new instrument. I am so happy for the job Z.Z. did. He is a very kind man who will tell you up front how much certain things will cost and his prices are very reasonable. I've watched him work on my instrument and he handles it with care and precision to ensure you get the best quality of his work. You also don't have to wait very long to get your instrument back compared to commercial shops. With Z.Z., he can get it done the same day sometimes. If you need to get your instrument sounding as best as possible, go to Z.Z."

                   Daniel M.   Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"Mr. Ludwick is extremely knowledgeable and was very compassionate in explaining and restoring a priceless heirloom, my antique Violin. I highly recommend using his services!"

                                      Shandel B.    College Park, Maryland

★★★★★"Knowledgeable, friendly, and speedy. Z.Z. did a wonderful job bringing my violin back to life and assisted me in a selecting a new bow that would bring out the best sound at an affordable price. (He also was extremely generous and kind to my 2 year old who reluctantly came with me to Z.Z.'s shop after a nap-less day.) Highly recommend his services!"

           Vanessa K.      Silver Spring ,Maryland

★★★★★"2nd time visiting Ludwick's House Of Violin. We had a blast as Z.Z. repaired my heirloom violin while explaining everything as he went along. Magnificent job! The difference in sound quality after a crack repair, sound post readjustment, a new bridge, touch up work, and a good polish was like night and day. I got much more than my money's worth. Z.Z. really puts his soul into his work. Thanks again Z.Z.!

                            Zvi S.   Baltimore, Maryland

★★★★★"I went to Z.Z. around mid November and I received wonderful service. He was passionate about his craft and passed on knowledge to me as he did repairs on my violin. I also purchased a fusion bow from Z.Z. That helped improve my tone and made playing that much more exciting. All things considered a wonderful experience."

                             Khalil Dennis    Baltimore, Maryland

★★★★★"I was referred to Z.Z in the middle of the night when my son's Cello neck broke. I left him a message and surprisingly he called me back same night! To say I was anxious and distressed about the broken Cello neck is an understatement. From the first phone call, Z.Z alleviated my fears and reassured me that the Cello could be fixed. Meeting him was a breath of fresh air. He is very warm, friendly and very knowledgeable about his craft. I commissioned him to repair my son's Cello and left with confidence that he would do an exceptional job! Will post an update when I pick it up."
                                     Mary B.  Ellicott City, Maryland

★★★★★"I am a senior who returned to playing violin after five decades . The student violin I purchased (not from Z.Z.) needed a new bridge and the sound post needed adjustment. Z.Z. Ludwick kindly accommodated my schedule and I spent a delightful time with him as he repaired my violin, and after adding an excellent set of strings my violin is now all it can be acoustically and the sound is very much improved. So Z.Z. is great for all levels of players. His prices are very fair. I’m so glad I found him!"

                   Margaret K.   Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

★★★★★"ZZ Ludwick is a true professional and provides outstanding service. Any string player in the greater DC area should know of his services and they will find that he is more flexible and service oriented... than any of the other full service shops. His work is top notch!

                                       Ben B.     Arlington, Virginia

★★★★★"Outstanding Luthier. I absolutely recommend him. My childs's violin had many problems in sound and the instrument itself, but he fixed it very well. The instrument now sounds perfect and it's all thanks to him. He's very nice and friendly, and also very professional."

                                       Phillip L.     Fairfax, Virginia

★★★★★"I went here to get one violin repaired and walked out with two - I purchased a beautiful Romanian violin that Z.Z. sold to me on sale. He is easy going and patiently answered all of my rookie questions. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs a repair or advice on buying a new instrument. A true mom and pop shop, one of a kind. Thanks Z.Z.!"

                                     Dylan B.   Kensington, Maryland

★★★★★"A professional who takes pride in craftsmanship. My 25 year old violin sounds better today than the day I first got it!"
                                   Abhi R.   Washington, D.C.

★★★★★"Z.Z. and his House of Violin has amazed us with the quality of his repairs! We went to his shop this past Sunday (his shop is one of the only shops that are open on Sunday!)  in order to reposition the soundpost of my son's violin. Z.Z. not only did that, he also pointed our several other parts of the violin that needed refurbishing, and repaired those parts as well! We are very happy with Z.Z.'s repairs. His expertise and quality of repairs makes him a great candidate for anyone looking for a touch-up on their string instrument."

                         Cindy C.     Ellicott City, Maryland

★★★★★"My son's violin needed a new bridge and I found Z.Z. He is very nice and friendly. He fixed the violin and cleaned it in one day instead of weeks from other shops. Now the violin looks like a new one and my son loves it. Excellent service and reasonable price. Much appreciated!"

                               Ray L.     Columbia, Maryland

★★★★★"I am very happy that I found Z.Z. I recently moved to the area from being overseas and found two large cracks in my cello, which he was able to fix. He was very considerate with his price estimates and got the job done in just a few days. He even sent me some photos of the progress, two of which I have included. I would definitely recommend his services!"

                          Shiowei C.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"Highly recommended. I called Z.Z. with a violin emergency......He was gracious to see us and take care of it on the spot. He is knowledgeable and shared several tips with our daughter about staying engaged, the instrument, and how to stay motivated to practice. The price for the fix was very reasonable and he answered all our questions. Thank you Z.Z.!!!"

                                                Elisa M.  Rockville, Maryland

★★★★★"Doing a short film about Zev Zalman "Z.Z." Ludwick, owner of Ludwick's House of Violin. Got to meet him and he is such a wonderful guy. Toured his shop which is in his residence in Silver Spring. I was very impressed by his knowledge of string instruments. You can tell that he loves these instruments so much. One of Z.Z.'s clients was so moved after he restored the instrument of the client's late mother. The woman that she felt her mother's presence. She was really impressed with Z.Z.'s work. His passion and attention to detail is what you want for your instrument. Definitely give him a call if you need your instrument repaired or restored. He also can build one for you. "                                                 Ron S.   Washington, D.C.

★★★★★"Z.Z.'s the best: totally committed to his art and to his customer. Z.Z. got to know my upright bass sound, and helped me craft a setup customized for my way of playing. Through Z.Z.'s recommendation, I bought a Schertler  Dyn-B-P48 pickup and a Schertler LAFARO amp from Ludwicks House Of Violin, which perfectly complement my classically-oriented sound and technique!"
                            Akiva T.     Baltimore, Maryland

★★★★★"I have 2 violas and a guitar that have not been treated well over the years.  I decided to see if they were worth the money and time needed to get them back to functional shape.  Z.Z. was more than fair, and quite professional not only in explaining what needed to be done, but the cost involved.  I opted to follow his advice.  I told him "no rush," as the instruments aren't needed for school or professional purposes, but in less than a week all 3 were ready!  Amazing! The instruments sound better than ever!  One of the violas, a student instrument that never had  a warm sound to it is now beautiful to listen to.  I will not trust these instruments to any one else in the future.  It has been a true pleasure doing business with Z.Z., and I encourage anyone who is serious about getting a bow replaced, or checking out a string instrument to go to him... and him alone!"

                                      Nina U.   Olney, Maryland

★★★★★"Fantastic Luthier! Z.Z. is great to work with, and is very thorough and honest. I highly recommend him. He restored a violin my grandfather gave me many years ago."

                            Charles J.     Southport, North Carolina

★★★★★"Very responsive and informative. Excellent job on my sons violin. Excellent customer service! Recommend to anyone needing to buy or have their violins repaired. This guy is passionate with his work!"

                                  Liam L.  Burtonsville, MD

★★★★★"A great experience:  My wife called Ludwick's House of Violin to find out about repairing a valued Cello, and spoke with Z.Z..  After hanging up the phone she commented how impressed she was with his knowledge and the questions he asked to understand what repairs were needed to the Cello.  Following orders from my wife (I am a retired Marine.) I contacted Z.Z. and made an appointment to bring the Cello by.  Z.Z. quickly evaluated the repair and because I was from out of town, he repaired the Cello on the spot.  It was amazing to watch him work, transforming a "teenager" handled instrument back into a work of art and beauty.  The Cello sounds great and is beautiful.  Very reasonably priced and quality work. I highly recommend Ludwick's for any instrument repairs."

                                   Chip S.   Hagerstown, Maryland

"I’m Collin’s dad. Collin brought all three fiddles home to Pennsylvania last weekend. I am completely blown away by the quality of workmanship in the repairs of these instruments. The fiddle that had belonged to my late grandfather has never sounded so good or played so well! I had played rhythm guitar along with my grandfather countless times while he played this fiddle, and had played it some myself. My only regret is that he’s not here to experience just how good his old fiddle was capable of sounding. I was so impressed by all three fiddles that I sent my fiddle (given to me by my grandfather) back to Maryland with Collin for Mr. Ludwick to work his magic on. I can’t wait to get it back and rediscover fiddling again (my main instrument is pedal steel guitar). I highly recommend Z.Z. Ludwick! I hope to meet him in person sometime soon! Well done sir!"

                             Karl N.   Fayette City, Pennsylvania



★★★★★"We came to Mr. Ludwick's place at around 7:00 PM for my son's A string replacement. Upon his recommendation, we had all the strings replaced (the old ones were about 6 months old), got a new custom bridge, and polishing. Mr. Ludwick is very knowledgeable, and patiently explained what he was doing as he worked. He finished the repair work at around 8:40 PM. My son's violin sounds a lot better! Highly recommended!"

                                  Felix T.    Kensington, Maryland

"Z.Z. is a talented, resourceful and competent craftsman.  His ability to accurately diagnose  the underling problems of stringed instruments and deliver affordable and acoustically superior solutions has impressed me. Z.Z. has great passion for his work and goes the extra mile to meet his clients’ highest expectations.  I would recommend him without reservation!"
                   Howard Needham   Master Violin Maker

★★★★★"Thank you Z.Z. for an incredible experience. Z.Z., the metal bassist/ mandolin player/ violin builder was a consummate professional, someone that, shockingly, I know, makes you feel like you're not just a body with dollar signs over your head but an appreciated customer. He did a terrific job on my crappy violin and took the time to show me around his shop and teach me about a craft he clearly loves---all while his family was upstairs celebrating Hanukkah. I left feeling like my money was well and properly spent, not a feeling I get often. Right before I left he found a tiny spot on my violin that needed finishing, and ran down to do it right then and there. I wouldn't have even noticed, but the fact that he did and cared enough to fix it tells you all you need to know. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you."      
                                                          Ana B.   New York, NY

★★★★★"Z.Z. was amazing and very knowledgeable. He told me everything I should know about violins with a lot of passion. I would recommend him to anyone from beginners to advanced players."

                                   Avla E.  Silver Spring, MD

★★★★★"Z.Z. is a Mega Master Craftsman!! Runs his shop so well. The highest level, skilled repair is delivered in very timely fashion. So happy to have had our daughter’s violin to him for the repair. The instrument sounds better than before."

                        Jim L.     Rockville, Maryland

★★★★★"My husband and I came to Ludwick's House of Violin hoping to bring back to life my old violin which was in really bad shape.
We were greeted by Z.Z. and he invited us in his office.
From the very first glance it was clear that we met an extraordinary person who really loves music and musical instruments.   Z.Z. examined my old violin, explained all little details and gave us a good price.  He also invited us to his workshop where one of his customers was trying a new violin while waiting for repair of her own. It was an amazing experience to be in the heart of the instrument workshop!
We ended up purchasing a new beautiful violin and a bow for a very reasonable price. Z.Z. gave us a good discount for violin and the customer service was superb!
At the end Z.Z. told us that we could call at any time with any questions or issues we may have. He will be happy to take care of my instrument.
I highly recommend this place to any professional musician or just entry-level school student!"

                                   Olga K.   Potomac, Maryland


★★★★★"What an outstanding experience it was to do business with Z.Z. I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of violins WAS quite low before I took a trip to Ludwick's House of Violin. I wrote Z.Z .stating that I wanted to find an heirloom quality violin to give my wife as a wedding gift. His prompt response and availability of such fine quality instruments was just the beginning of the experience. He took copious amounts of time to teach me about the art of violin making and how to identify a quality instrument from one of lesser clout. He showed me his workshop and taught me what goes into the final product which I bought from him. He even tweaked a few items I requested him to devote some attention to before I left his shop. In all, I walked away with a fine instrument that brought my wife to tears when I presented it to her. This is as close to a fully custom violin as you can find in this price range. It presents like those that cost thousands more and sounds amazing from the first pull across the strings. I cannot say enough good things about this fine luthier, teacher, and businessman. I look forward to many years of knowing Z.Z. and sending customers his way as often as I can. He does not disappoint."

                                     William D. The Woodlands, TX

★★★★★"The Owner of Ludwicks House Of Violin Z.Z., Performed a Top quality restoration job on my over 100 year old German Hopf violin. I could not be more satisfied with the work he did. My Violin was in pretty bad shape when the project began, The violin had gotten to a point where it was not playable. It needed a new fingerboard, A new bridge, New tuners strings etc.etc. He revamped a good part of the violin using more modern components while maintaining its original sound. I was also very impressed by his workshop, It houses all the modern tools and machinery to perform any of his customers needs. The shop is also very organized and super clean. Thanks Z.Z. , Your the Best !!!"

                                            Gary I.     Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★"The price was reasonable and the repair was fairly quick. I had a good experience there and would definitely recommend if you need you string instrument fixed."

                                Trinity B.   Bowie, Maryland

★★★★★"Impeccable quality craftsmanship at good cost. I took a violin with a wry neck and other multiple problems to Z.Z. in part because of the high google ratings he's received and all his 5's are well deserved! He took what might have ended up being a wall hanger and gave it back as one that looks, plays, and most importantly, sounds great. I'll recommend him to anyone! Thanks Z.Z., I'm glad to have met you."

                   Jeanne T.    Lexington Park, Maryland

★★★★★"Z.Z. did excellent and timely work on three hours old fiddles that I brought into his shop, one of which was my great grandfather's that has not been played since the late 1980’s. He was very detail oriented and slowly walked me through each repair that he would be making on all three instruments. My instruments required many repairs since they had previously sat for years; however, Z.Z. did not “sell” me on unnecessary repairs. He did talk me into higher priced bridges and strings, but only because he knew it was worth putting the higher quality parts on what I had. I would definitely come back to Z.Z. for any future repairs and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing professional and timely work (he was able to complete all three instruments in less than 48 hours)!"

                             Collin N.   Baltimore, Maryland


★★★★★"Really enjoyed the workshop and Z.Z.'s company. He did a wonderful job fixing up my old violin and I'm excited to get playing"

                                 Zoe R.   Kensington, Maryland

★★★★★"We had an E string emergency - my son has an acoustic hybrid - The Realist Pro ( David Gage). Z.Z. was the only shop open on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. The violin had been sounding a tad off the past week and Z.Z. diagnosed the problem comprehensively - we had the sound post changed, it was tilted off to the side; Z.Z. told us that the bridge was too high - custom fit one and changed the strings. Z.Z. also told us that the fingerboard had impressions from the strings but it was not a pressing concern and we opted to defer that to another time. It was a wonderful couple of hours watching him work - it is a home-based business with the shop set up in his basement and Z.Z. has two smacking violins for sale that sound wonderful! My son tried them out and loved them. Z.Z. is working on custom violins and is an excellent luthier - He explained what he saw, what function it serves in the violin and explained all this to my son. We were all better educated about this instrument that has preoccupied us for the past few years - that is a first! The violin is a precision instrument that is truly the preserve of the painstaking artist - Z.Z. is a true craftsman and watching him work was a revelation indeed! It made the Sunday visit to fix strings a pleasant adventure. Thank You Z.Z.!"

                                   Aruna S.   McLean, Virginia

★★★★★"I went over to many popular string shops around DC and Baltimore for a violin, and my long journey to find a right violin for a picky violinist ended up here at Ludwick's. Z.Z. understood a player's mind well on a choice of violins as he plays violin and helped us understanding violin more as a professional luthier. We were happy enough to find a decent sound violin under my budget. Even better part was when we wanted to customize a chin rest or to adjust pegs, Z.Z. was always welcoming and putting a best care on small details. Ludwick's will be the first place to bring my string instruments for any job. My kids enjoyed visiting the studio on the lower level. They visited many other music shops but never had a chance to look inside of a studio building a new violin with many interesting tools. I would recommend Ludwick's for all string players."

                                Kristy C   Baltimore, Maryland

★★★★★"I'm a professional player. My instrument needed an emergency repair - the endpin cracked. ZZ, the owner, was kind enough to come down to my studio and custom install a new  part.  Thanks, man - Ludwick's is definitely a friend in need."

                                                                 Rob Perl   Washington D.C.

★★★★★"I needed to get the hair on my viola bow replaced, so I called Z.Z. While there, he took a look at my viola, and asked me a few questions about playability. I pointed out where I've always had some difficulty, which I have always attributed to moving from a 15.5" viola to a 16" (namely, difficulty in reaching with the 4th finger). Z.Z. pointed out some problems with the instrument itself that he could tweak that would fix that, plus some other adjustments to make the instrument sound better. Two days later I had everything back, and suddenly it plays easier and better. I am grateful to have a skilled luthier close by, and will call in the future for any other issues that crop up.."

                             Tim M.  Silver Spring, Maryland

★★★★★ "Z.Z. Ludwick has a fine selection of finely crafted instruments.  His knowledge, sound enhancements and set up  of his instruments are of the finest skill and craftsmanship.  He has apprenticed with DC's finest Luthiers.  I highly recommend you consider a fine violin or viola and cello from this source.  I hear his work on a regular basis and am impressed!"

                                                      Bruno Nasta     Reston, Virginia

                                            String Educater, Professional Musician


★★★★★"I just purchased an instrument from Ludwick's House of Violin!!! What can I say,,,,Z.Z. is the real deal!!!!!! It is immediately obvious that he is knowledgeable but more so that he is passionate about what he does. The instrument was exactly as he described both in appearance and sound. It was perfectly setup. While we both stressed about shipping it in the winter, it was packed superbly (in fact over-packed) and arrived in excellent condition. Probably the most satisfaction I got from the purchase was talking to the man himself. He went out of his way to listen to make sure that the instrument was right for what I needed and wanted.
If you ever get the chance to visit or speak with him....DON'T Hesitate! His is one of those few musical shops that cater to individuals as opposed to internet seller who only want your credit card number! Thank you Z.Z. for the gift of knowing there are truly people out there like you who still have the passion!"

                              Bill C.  Ironton, Ohio


★★★★★"Three visits to fix many causes of buzzing from a new viola, but ZZ responded quickly each time, and worked thoroughly each visit--much less painful than the three times I took it to the place of purchase to have them take stabs at fixing the problem. And I bought a crisp and bright-sounding violin from ZZ, as well, after my first impressive visit!"

                        Kattie L.     Arlington, Virginia

★★★★★"This is a great place to take your string instruments to. Z.Z. is a lovely man who knows a lot about his field. He repaired my cello - the price was very good and he explained all he was doing as I watched him fix it. He went out of his way to make my cello better! I would definitely go to him again and would recommend him to anyone who cares about the instrument. He is brilliant!"
                               Siobhan L.      Arlington, Virginia